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Short-term Rental Consult

Are you wishing to become airbnb

list-ready? Employ HomeGirl’s help!

After HomeGirl reorders your space for guest appeal and comfort she can photograph your home, edit your listing and give you her "SuperHost" expertise with the little things you may not have thought of.

Hire her for a two-hour Airbnb (or other homesharing site) consult or for:

Airbnb Plus!

Add another $260* HomeGirl will:  

    -take and edit photos,

    -edit your listing description,

    -consult with you on pricing, and 

    -help create your listing                 

Airbnb Plus! is an investment you can make back in just one or two weekends of hosting!    

 (*for up to 10 hrs) 

See Pricing page for rates!

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