Here’s what people have to say                about  HomeGirl:


Laurie Young & David Lee of Washington DC say:

We never would have gotten our Airbnb listing off the ground if it hadn't been for Janice's encouragement, "can do" enthusiasm and professionalism! (We took advantage of and recommend the "Weekend Immersion" option HomeGirl offers!)


When she came to our house, she took a look at a plain guest room that also doubled as a storage room -- and she saw possibilities!  She combed through extra pictures we had never hung and assorted unused stuff from closets... and put together "a look" for this bedroom that we couldn't possibly have imagined.  Then she took lots and lots of pictures...and posted them on the Airbnb website.  She also came up with some catchy wording that captured the unique "specialness" of our home.

The results?  Once posted, we started booking guests within 48 hours.  We have been hosting non-stop for months.  Our guests have told us that the airbnb pictures sold them on staying here...that our house looks like a very welcoming, comfortable place to stay.  This NEVER would have happened without Janice's help!

When we have more experience renting out our guest room, and feel comfortable with expanding, we will hire Janice to come over again and "redo" another plain, extra bedroom.  In the meantime, I won't won't give away my extra unused stuff to Goodwill...because I know that Janice will find "treasure" where I see "junk".


A large bedroom in our house was transformed in only 3 hours with Janice’s help.  She was able to envision and then carry out simple changes with amazing results. This was with no planning! She had not seen the room before. She even patched the walls where plaster had peeled away and touched it up with paint.

Janice imagined, redesigned and rearranged until we had a truly wonderful room for our Airbnb guests.

She really took into consideration the kind of people we are and gave it an artsy feel using earth tones and highlighting the collection of natural findings, objects we have gathered while hiking-- feathers, shells, special rocks and sticks. The simple replacement of the artwork we already owned was brilliant.  I was impressed with her energy and eye for possibility, and would recommend her highly.     -Patti Waters, Shelburne Falls, MA


When I was first getting started with Airbnb, HomeGirl (Janice Sorensen) took the time to come stay with me in my home, get to know who I am as a person, and see how my house works.  Janice is a friendly and open person, and was easy to get to know and share my experiences with.  After we had gotten better acquainted, I left the house to let her get busy with rearranging furniture, letting more light into the house, and setting aside unnecessary items for my review (in the end, I didn’t miss a thing!).  Since she spent time getting to know me, she was able to redesign my home in a way that displayed the uniqueness of who I am as a person and to achieve a better flow.

Janice provided a number of especially nice touches. Her first was to consolidate a lot of the rock memorabilia (I am an events booker) and display them with a “wall of fame” of sorts. Another  rather simple one was to create a tea display for my guests.  People really appreciate the little things – especially having ease in making a hot morning drink! 

I believe that Janice’s work has greatly contributed to my success with Airbnb.  I have stayed just about as busy as I want to with bookings, and everyone who comes to my home thinks that the set up is appealing. I highly recommend the services of Janice and HomeGirl!

                                                   -Brandy Darling, Denver, CO


Janice transformed some key areas of my workplace in just a few hours. She got rid of unneeded clutter and organized the space in a way I never would have thought of, resulting in the use of those areas being more efficient, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. I can't wait to have her come back to do more!


-Molly Cantor

Potter and owner of Molly Cantor Pottery

Shelburne Falls, MA