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Scope and Pricing

HomeGirl will come to your home or workspace for as little or as much time as you would like toward the reordering of your space. If you are looking to create an Airbnb “list-ready” room, HomeGirl’s service pays for itself in just a few guest stays. 

Introductory SPECIAL!

 $120/first 4 hours 

(single visit, 1-way driving time fee applies.) 

HomeGirl Options:

  $35/hr for up to 3 hrs

  $32/hr after 3 hrs    

  $40/hr for custom paint jobs and moving 

  $65 for monthly 2 hour HomeGirl Tune-Up 

 (one-way driving time added) 

Thinking of using that extra room for homeshare rental? Bring HomeGirl in for a 2-hr short term rental consult for just $65 or try:

 Airbnb Plus!*

 For $350 HomeGirl will:  

     -take and edit photos,

     -edit your listing description,

     -consult with you on pricing, and 

     -help you to create your home share page listing.                  

Airbnb Plus! is an investment you can make back in just a couple weekends of hosting!  * for up to 10 hrs


for $500 try the HomeGirl Weekend Immersion. HomeGirl’s favorite option for getting to understand you and your homespace. HomeGirl will arrive on Friday after 3pm and stay until Sunday 2pm. Let HomeGirl help you with your move, organize you home, dejunk or unpack. Weekend Immersion is a great way for HomeGirl to learn your lifestyle, then help to recreate the design and flow of your interior by integrating your needs, habits and work systems. With maybe a trip to the local thrift shop! (You buy the food and HomeGirl will cook for you too!) And, really, weekdays work also!


HomeGirl is more than happy to discuss bartering options!

Hourly charge applies to 1-way of driving time. 

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